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"Exploring the Best of Newfoundland Labrador: Top 10 Hikes Recommended by StaycationNL"

If you want to experience hiking in Newfoundland and Labrador, here are my top 10 suggestions according to StaycationNL! I always enjoyed a nice walk but since the pandemic we really got into hiking. A real great way to social distance of course. Getting out of DA OUSE sometimes is a real struggle for many.…. Me included!! Once we started to explore some nearby trails we discovered a lot. The beauty of our coastline is breathtaking. Exercise is a plus as during the pandemic the extra eating and drinking was not helpful. Lol. The pure silence of nature is truly meditational all and somewhat therapeutic!! Feeling in the moment and taking it all in is the absolute best feeling. It’s freeing. I feel focused and productive! Every trail was similar but different if that makes sense. So far we have hiked La Manche, Chance Cove, most of the East Coast trail but we still have some left to do, The Skerwink trail, Brimstone Head and plenty of community trails that we come across on our adventures but I have a great big HIKING LIST TOO!! Theses are on my top ten list of hikes to do this year!!

#1 Centrehill in Sunnyside. The highest point on the East coast at 384 meters and 10K. That’s pretty high. It doesn’t get any recognition at all. Why not?? Next to Gros Morne it’s the second highest in the province. On the Isthmus peninsula and near the ever so popular Chance Cove Trail. Your Probably can’t do both in one day because that would be too much. Who knew that there was a volcano in NL. Non active for hundreds of years obviously. You can see the semi pointed mountain top from the TCH though. If you look ready hard your can see that it looks kinda like a Volcano shape. Cool heh” Apparently this one is pretty easy until your get to the end and then it’s extremely steep!! But once you are up there you can see a panoramic view of the 4 surrounding bays. Placentia, Trinity, Bonavista and Conception!

Sunnyside Centre Hill Lookout
Centre Hill Lookout Sunnyside

#2 The Damable Trail located near Eastport. A collection of trails surrounding the community of Salvage, Sandy cove and Happy Adventure. Upgraded in the last couple of years apparently and it boasts really stunning views. There is a nearby Sandy beach that is gorgeous and that area is super sweet. Plenty to do in that area as well. Terra Nova Golf, camping and lots of outdoor activities. Splash-n-Putt sure that was like Disney for us as kids.

Salvage Damnable Trail network
The Damnable Trail

#3 I think these I want to hike these just to get the selfie. Lol. I did see pics and I know the scenery is stunning too though so it should be a great Nanny’s Hole, Sleepy Cove and Crows Nest!! Like what?? So the names of hiking trails in this province just make me smile. In the Twillingate area so that’s a bonus. So many things to do there as well. The brewery, shopping, tours,the NWI dinner theatre and all kinds of R&R happening out in that area. There is a lighthouse right at the end of the community with an incredible view!

Signage for Directions
Directions to Nanny's Hole

#4 I only learned of Kings Point on StaycationNL-Your Guide To The Good Spots In Newfoundland And Labrador. The Alexander Murray Walking Trail is on my list as well . It has an 800 foot waterfall at the end too so that should be spectacular called Rattling Brook Falls I think. The area has lots of places to stay, pottery place and a gift store. It just looks like a nice spot to Staycation. I saw loads of pictures if this amazing boardwalk that I want to spend the day.

Rattling Falls and Alexander Murray walking Trail

#5 The Spout. This one is part of the east coast trail. It’s a full day trip. A little shorter if you snow shoe but it a great bucket list one to do. It’s a destination. THE SPOUT is actually ocean spray that is created from the sea. A certain way the sea waves flow into the rock as on our coastline pushes water into a cave of some sort an viola …. A pretty fountain of salty sea spray.

the spout
The Spout. A part of the east Coast Trail

#6 Topsail Bluff located at Topsail Beach! It’s a climb to the top of the hill near the beach to an amazing view. I tried to do it last year but I missed the turn off. It wasn’t marked very well at the time so we just walked the trail and didn’t realize that we missed the side trail. Topsail beach is a rocky beach that is known for day BBQ and beach fires. The view of Bell Island and Conception Bay is amazing!!

Topsail Bluff view
The view from the Topsail Bluff

#7 Mistaken Point the UNESCO site in Trepassey. These sites are crazy cool. There are 5 in NL but I really want to do this walk into this site. There are fossil beds once you get there which are a kazillion years old I think. Lol. These are delicate and after about 40 min in you take off your shoes and walk on the rocks. They recommend this to try and preserve as much of the bedrock and fossils as possible. I believe they have a guided tour in there with a charcuterie board snack as well. This sounds deadly. Lol. I think I will get to this one soon!!

Mistaken Point Trepassey
Mistaken Point, The UNESCO site in Trepassey

#8 The Plane crash near Burgoynes Cove in the Clarenville area. An American B -36 plane crashed on its way from the Canary Islands in 1953. A tragic crash lead to the death of all 23 crew members. This one is tricky I think. A rough road leading in there so a 4 wheel drive is needed. I am going to see if we can make it a quad trip from Terra Nova. The site itself is said to be quite the destination. A memorial and lots to explore on this site. The hike is considered difficult I think but worth it.

Plane crash site
Burgoynes Cove Plane Crash Site

#9 The Tablelands. Another UNESCO site. Like walking on another planet I am told. Apparently it’s the way the glaciers scraped through the mountains a kazillion years ago. Cool. Mind boggling. Interesting. Intriguing. I have to do this one as well.

Gros Morne Tablelands UNESCO
The Tablelands UNESCO site

#10 Gros Morne Summit. This one is my absolute number one!! This has to be on the top ten hikes in Canada to do. Beautiful Gros Morne has so much to offer. I think this one would be epic! That perfect picture of victory. Arms in the air. Breathing the fresh air deep into my lungs and checking this one off my great big bucket list of hikes to complete! This one encompasses the highest accomplishment of hiking in NL.

fjords at the Gros Morne summit
The Top of the fjords at bros Morne Mountain

At the end of the day hiking makes a great itinerary for a Staycationn. So many gorgeous trails. Some great exercise and fresh air followed by a cozy spot to lay your head sounds magnificent!! Support local! Find a nice little restaurant and some local beers and that my friends is a dandy Staycation! So many places to go !! Thanks for reading once again!

Much love


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