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Glamping = Fancy Camping

Updated: Feb 25

* Disclosure: This post may contain afflilate links. If you make a purchase through this blog I may earn a small commission at no cost to you*

Glamping= Fancy Camping! We grew up camping all across the province in the early eighties. We started in a tent, so my mama says, but I don’t remember that! I do however remember camping in a soft top camper, then a hard top camper, then a 18 foot travel trailer from the 80’s and eventually my parents built a cabin….. with all the comforts of home! So no stranger to basic bare bones camping with the outhouse being the only bathroom option and no real amenities I now am obsessed with the idea of Glamping! Who knew it was going to be so trendy. It think it has been that way because it somehow takes me me back to the good ole days and those simple times when listening to the rain was something to do. Enjoying nature back then was taken for granted. The days that I awoke by the birds chirping were my favs. As an adult this is now an awesome experience for most people as it is an escape from our busy lives. Back to nature with the peace and quite of the cove and the still of the night brings life balance back!

Why not feel fancy. Why not sleep in a comfy bed when sleeping in a tent and charge your cell phone. Why not have a wood stove in your tent and why not feel unplugged and relaxed while feeling semi pampered! It’s a global trend! People I think are craving those types of experiences. The kind where you are not in crowds and the kind when you can watch the stars by a campfire! Connect with you significant other and spend valuable time with family and friends. Get back to basics and reminisce! Once again I say a Staycation is good for the soul!

You all know I am obsessed with the beauty in Newfoundland and Labrador. Completely in awe of our coastline and our scenery. I believe we have it all. We have Glamping and 5 Star hotels. We have boil ups and picnics on the beach but we also have some of the best fine dining experiences. Our colourful people and our exceptional hospitality make us adorable! We are talented and musical as a people and our funny approach to life makes us a memorable and enjoyable to be around! So back to the basics of Glamping or fancy camping is easy for us!! We enjoy nature and for the most part we are outdoorsy. We love our cabins and our sheds. We love skidooing and hiking. A good ole campfire or a boil up is what we die for on a Saturday afternoon. So check out this list of spots to stay in our province if you are looking to add Glamping to you bucket list this year!

The Day I fell in Love with The OME tents in Burlington NL

1.) The OME tents are located in Burlington on Route 410 down the Baie Verte Peninsula. These are magnificent and I instantly fell in love with fancy camping the night we stayed there. It is nothing like sleeping on the ground or waking up with a deflated air mattress. These are luxurious! We stayed in The FOX tent. A full on queen bed with hotel linens. Cute decor with a Newfoundland flavour for sure. Two chairs positioned perfectly to view the ocean while you enjoy your morning coffee. Bathroom facilities were available but it was a little bit of a walk so just keep that in mind. All these tents are named after animals. They all have super comfy beds, a fire pit , a BBQ and some basic amenities! All adorable. They have great views and are pet friendly upon request. Just bring a good book and a s’mores kit and you are all set. Home to the very popular summer festival The Gathering you will want to check that out too if you are in the area!! Walk around the neighborhood and explore. They also had an old travel trailer called OME FRY ( I love that) that turned into a breakfast food truck that served up a dandy brunch for us. Check out my full blog on that day here.

OME Glamping Tents in Burlington Newfoundland
The Fox Tent

Glampimg on the Humber River Sounds Amazing

2.) Humber off Grid Tours also has a couple of Glamping options available! These are located right on the Humber River on the West Coast of the island near Deer Lake ! We have not stayed there YET but it’s on my great big bucket list of glampers to visit! A couple of these sweeties even have a little tiny wood stoves in them ( upon request) and they have everything that you would need for an awesome stay! Honest to god that’s deadly. We in Newfoundland need that sometimes as the evenings can get cool on our island! They also added a geo dome in 2022 for an even more luxurious stay! The host Ashley also offers kayaking , guided fishing tours, a strawberry U-Pick, a few farm animals , a scattered kitchen party and sometimes some relaxing yoga retreats! What a dandy idea! Check her out on YouTube to follow her adventures!! You can find her under Ashley Hann- Off Grid Adventures on Youtube!

Humber valley glamping dome tent
Humber Off Grid Adventures Dome tent! (not my pic)

Glamping near Gros Morne Park sounds Perfect

3.) Elephants Head RV Park. Located near Trout River on the West coast is literally on your way to Gros Morne National Park. These are fairly new to the market and are amazing and luxurious. These are geodomes with comfy beds and a full living areas. A deck and a fire pit area is a lovely addition to you experience! All the comforts of home! They are located on the west coast not far from The Tablelands and other hiking trails. They also have a couple of the bell tents available on site too which are dandy.

Elephants Head Glamping Dome
Elephants Head Luxury Glamping Dome( Not my pic)

Epic Views at Homestead Adventures

4.) Homestead Adventures is located in New-Wes-Valley along The Gander Loop. Gorgeous Tents located right on the water. Experience the great outdoors and glamourous camping. Just bring your basic necessities and you are all set. They are located not far from Lumsden Beach if you want to do a beach day and offer kayaking tours too and they are open all year round. There is so much to explore in that area as well including the town of Greenspond! The Barbour Heritage Site and The Beothuk Interpretation Centre in Boyd’s Cove is not that far either! These luxurious tents would be a great home base while exploring that region.

the relaxing view from the tent at The Homestead Adventure Tents
The view from the Homestead Adventures Tents (not my pic)

How about Glamping on a Remote Island with Hare Adventures

5.) Hare Bay Aventures. Located near Hare Bay down The Gander Loop along the Shore offers dome Glamping on a remote island! How awesome is that. If you want pure seclusion and relation away from the world this is your spot. They have washroom facilities and comfy beds. A fire pit of course and all the comforts of home. They provide you with transportation out to the island and make sure you are all settled in. They also offer extra packages which include a unique culinary experience or local entertainment.

The lovely view form the glamping domes
Night time view from Hare Bay Adventures! (not my pic)

A Yurt sound Super Cool Too

6.) A yurt in Traytown at Salty Bay Cabins. Minutes from Terra Nova National Park, The Damnable Trail and Sandy beaches this could be your Staycation. Equipped with a full washroom, all the comforts of home and even a pool nearby this one is for the not so roughin it type of person but you still get a cool experience.

The yurt at salty bay cabins
Stay in a yurt at Salty Bat Cabins ( not my pic)

Terra Nova is Always the perfect escape

7.) The Oasis teardrop treehouse in Terra Nova and the Otentik are cozy spots too. This one is ran by Parks Canada. This one’s a little different because you have to bring your own bedding and almost all your supplies. It has a convertible table for sleeping and a hammock in the loft as well so you can stargaze! It has a battery powered lamp including cooking equipment. Your site might have a fire pit but check them out before you book to confirm!

Terra Nova Otentik tents
Otentik Terra Nove ( not my pic)

Glamping at Islands Villa is Secluded

8.) Islands Villa Lewisporte have tents that are off grid glampers too. Experience nature and beauty by camping on Woolfreys Pond. Plenty of places to walk and enjoy the view. Even though you are secluded you are only steps away from some modern day amenities like washrooms. So you get the best of both worlds as you sleep in the comfy cozy beds and enjoy pure relation.

Island Villa tent
The cozy tent on the island! ( not my pic)

Glamp in Beautiful Bottle Cove

9.) Bottle Cove Glamping on the west coast. Located in Lark Harbour these are also luxurious. Experience the ultimate blend of luxury and nature at Bottle Cove, Newfoundland with glamping. Wake up to stunning views of the cove, go hiking along the rugged coastline on the Bottle Cove Hiking trail which looks stunning, or simply unwind by the campfire under the starlit sky. Whether you're a nature lover or a luxury enthusiast, glamping in Bottle Cove is sure to provide an unforgettable experience that combines the best of both worlds.

Luxury glamping in Lark Harbour newfoundland
Glamping in Bottle Cove ( not my pic)

The Ultimate Glamping experience with a Hot Tub

10.) River Front Chalets in Grand Falls,NL also is decked out with a geo dome!! Nestled on the riverbed this one is equipped with you very own fire pit!! These look amazing for your winter adventures too! So incredibly cozy and with a HOT TUB to boot this little Staycation spot is on my list…… These are luxury glampers and with so much outdoorsy stuff to do in that area it’s a show stopper!! Well they all are now that I think about it. I think this is an amazing foot print for an adventure. Just sleep your way around the province Glamping!! Leave me a comment if you think this is a good idea!,

Riverfront Dome tent
Luxury Dome with HOT TUB ( not my pic)

Listen, I fell in love with glamping so much that I even bought my own bell tent for my backyard. It’s like my very own SHE SHED only tent style. I set it up and deck it out with pillows and blankets and cozy decor! I love it! I go out there listen to music, write and have a glass of wine! We have taken it on a couple of Staycations too! I have a scattered girls night and just relax out there. I feel fancy! You can get your own Glamper from Amazon.

Bell tent for backyard
My Glamper for my backyard THE LAZY LUCY

I hope you enjoyed my little diddy on glamping in Newfoundland and Labrador! You can see why I am obsessed!! Everyone should experience camping at least once in their life! I am serious when I say "I did not know that these cool spots existed in Newfoundland". There are even a few more new ones coming on the scene soon so follow us on FB at StaycationNL for all the updates. There are a few option for little pods too. Follow us for updates on these super cool and uniques stays in the province too!

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