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Pretty Quidi Vidi Village: A photographers dream and a perfect getaway!

The village of Quidi Vidi has a long and rich history, dating back to the 16th century when European fishermen first began to explore the area.

In the 17th century, Quidi Vidi became an important location for the French fishery, with a number of French fishermen and traders establishing a settlement in the area. In 1696, the French fortified the area to protect their interests, building a fort known as Fort Louis. However, the fort was later captured by the British in 1762, during the Seven Years' War.

After the British takeover, the village became an important center for the Newfoundland fishery, with many fishing boats and crews operating from the harbor. The village was also known for its shipbuilding industry, with several shipyards located in the area.

In the early 20th century, Quidi Vidi became a popular destination for tourists, who were attracted by the area's stunning natural beauty and its rich history. Today, Quidi Vidi Village is home to a number of historic buildings and landmarks, a food truck wharf in the summer, the brewery, and a stunner of a view and the wharf is popular for touristy photos!

The name "Quidi Vidi" is believed to have originated from the Beothuk language, the Indigenous people who once inhabited the area. The Beothuk called the area "K'jipuktuk" which means "the other side of the pond" or "the far end of the bay". When European fishermen began to explore the area in the 16th century, they likely anglicized the name into "Quidi Vidi".

Another theory suggests that the name comes from a Basque phrase "que viene", which means "what is coming", a phrase that Basque fishermen used when they saw a whale approaching. Basque fishermen were active in the area during the 16th century, and it is possible that they may have used this phrase when they saw whales in the Quidi Vidi area.

My favourite speculation on the name origin is that it comes from a lady named Kitty Vitty , a local lady who worked in the area. There is no record of her until 200 years after she passed away. Who knew!

The most likely according to some folkorists is that it came from a place in France or French family. It was never written down and the words were traded in speech for years! Quidi Vidi was a good place to lay your fish so a frenchman labeled it " Ked-Villa", which eventually turned to Kitty Kitty and Quidi Vidi......Maybe! No one really knows which adds to the charm of the sweet little village.!

Regardless of the origin of the name, Quidi Vidi is now a unique and vibrant village that is known for its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and its strong connection to the sea and Newfoundland's fishing heritage. Quidi Vidi Village is nowadays a bustling tourist destination with markets, restaurants, Airbnbs, and a brewery. Tourism is huge there and you can also book yourself a cod fishing experience and whale watching tours. This little village will captivate you and it's a great way to spend the day!!! I just love love love it there. We go there several times a year, stroll around, grab a coffee, take some photos, breathe the fresh air and just chill.

fishing stage at Quidi Vidi
The most famous fishing stage at Quidi Vidi

The view of Quidi Vidi Gut
The stunning view of Quidi Vidi Gut

Liven up your taste buds with a cold beer from Quidi Vidi Brewery or Linda's

A tasting experience at The Quidi Vidi Brewery is a delightful journey into the world of craft beer, located in the scenic village of Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The brewery is housed in a historic building with a rustic charm, overlooking the picturesque Quidi Vidi Gut and surrounded by rugged landscapes, providing a stunning backdrop for your tasting adventure. The absolute best deck in the city to enjoy the perfect deck beers! I challenge you to show me a spot that has a better view at a brewery!!

As you enter The Quidi Vidi Brewery, you are welcomed by a friendly and knowledgeable staff who are passionate about their craft. The tasting room is cozy and inviting, with a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. The walls are adorned with brewery memorabilia, and the room is filled with the inviting aroma of hops and malt, creating a sensory experience that awakens your taste buds.

You start with a flight of beers, which typically includes a selection of different styles such as lagers, IPAs, stouts, and porters, each carefully crafted to showcase unique flavors and characteristics. The flight is presented on a wooden paddle with small tasting glasses, allowing you to savor and compare the different beers side by side. You are encouraged to take your time, sipping and savoring each beer, noting the nuances of aroma, taste, and mouthfeel.

Lindas or Inn of Olde in Quidi Vidi is a little gem too..... One of the oldest watering holes in the city and a must see if she's open! This time warp is located in the heart of the village and it truly a step back in time. Memorabilia and photos are displayed all over the walls creating a unique abstract wall of bar history and it's a must see!

The view from the deck at Quidi Vidi brewery
Deck beers at Quidi Vidi

The view from Quidi Vidi Brewery
The best view at Quidi Vidi

Experience the award winning cuisine at The Mallard Cottage

The Mallard Cottage Restaurant is a charming and historic dining establishment located in the picturesque village of Quidi Vidi Village. The restaurant is housed in a beautifully restored 18th-century Irish-Newfoundland vernacular style cottage, which adds to its unique and rustic ambiance.

As you approach The Mallard Cottage, you are greeted by a quaint exterior with a white facade, green window trim, and a red front door, which gives it a cozy and inviting feel. The restaurant is nestled in a scenic location, a short jaunt to what locals call "the Gut".

Upon entering The Mallard Cottage, you are transported to a warm and welcoming interior that combines traditional and modern elements seamlessly. The dining area features wooden floors, exposed wooden beams, and a fireplace that exudes a rustic charm. The walls are adorned with local artwork, adding a touch of local culture to the ambiance. The seating arrangements are cozy, with comfortable chairs and tables that provide an intimate dining experience. Very unique as the cutlery is all mismatched adding to the character of the place. Granny’s curtains are still hanging in the windows and it literally feels like a trip back in time. That's what I enjoyed most about the atmosphere, the fact that it felt authentic, old, traditional and Nan's house!

The menu at The Mallard Cottage offers a farm-to-table dining experience, with a focus on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. The restaurant prides itself on showcasing the bounty of Newfoundland and Labrador's land and sea, with a menu that changes seasonally to highlight the best ingredients available. Dishes are expertly crafted, combining traditional Newfoundland flavors with modern culinary techniques, resulting in a unique and delicious dining experience.

The Mallard Cottage also has a fully stocked bar that offers an impressive selection of locally crafted beers, spirits, and wines, including some from nearby wineries and breweries. The knowledgeable and friendly staff are always ready to recommend the perfect drink pairing for your meal. It's the perfect place to enjoy Newfoundland flavour.....pardon the pun.

The qaint decor of nans curtains
Traditional Nans Curtains

Delicious breakfast at Mallard Cottage
Breakfast hash at Mallard Cottage

Entry to the restaurant
Entry to Mallard Cottage

The decor at Mallard Cottage is traditional
Mallard Cottage Decor

original wood fireplace
The cozy traditional wood fire

Then Artisan Studios are a haven for local artists and crafters

Quidi Vidi Artisan Studio is a vibrant hub of creativity located in the picturesque village of Quidi Vidi, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Situated in a stunning coastal setting, the studios are housed in a historic building that has been transformed into a bustling creative space. The building's location near the water adds to its scenic charm, with views of the rugged coastline and the picturesque Quidi Vidi harbor.

The interior is open and spacious, with high ceilings and an industrial-chic aesthetic. The studios are home to a diverse range of artists and artisans, working in various mediums such as pottery, painting, printmaking, textiles, jewelry, and more. The space is bustling with creativity, with artists busy at work, creating unique and handmade pieces that reflect the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Newfoundland and Labrador.

The surrounding deck and the boat slipway is one of the most popular destinations to take photos! Wedding, graduation and family photos are among the most popular!

Sculpture at quid vidi
Iron sculpture on the Wharf

Kniited granny squares at Quidi Vidi
Granny Squares surround the Studio

The wharf at Quidi Vidi is a spot to be

Nestled in the charming Quidi Vidi Village in Newfoundland, the bustling wharf is a foodie paradise and beer-lover's dream. The air is filled with the mingling scents of seafood and snacks from vibrant food trucks. Laughter and chatter create a lively vibe as folks gather for tasty bites and cold brews.

The food trucks offer everything from classic fish and chips to international cuisine and sweet treats, celebrating Newfoundland's culinary wonders. I literally can sit there all day. Whether you crave unique flavors or want to sip on local brews with a view, the wharf in Quidi Vidi Village promises a delicious seaside adventure.

food trucks at Quidi Vidi
The Wharf at Quidi Vidi

Scenic views are made for photographers at Quidi Vidi Village

There are several well-maintained hiking trails in and around Quidi Vidi that cater to varying levels of difficulty and experience. These trails offer stunning views of the coastline. Keep an eye out for wildlife such as whales, seabirds, and seals, as Quidi Vidi is known for its abundant marine life.

As you hike the trails around Quidi Vidi, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking scenic overlooks that offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. From dramatic cliff edges overlooking the ocean to serene landscapes, these vantage points provide excellent opportunities for photo enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The hike up to Cabot Tower and Signal Hill is simply inspiring! It's called Cukolds Cove. Plenty of lookouts and a workout for sure, your journey to the top will depend on how many photos you stop to take! You will never know what you will experience on the hill. Frequently, a Newfoundland Dog can be spotted overlooking the harbour and he is extremely photogenic. Musicians sometimes can be found belting out a scattered traditional Newfie tune as well. Breathe in the salty sea air while listening to those crashing waves.

coastal cuckolds cove view
Cuckolds Cove View

Signal Hill
Cabot Tower Signal Hill

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In summary, You will absolutely love this quaint little fishing village on the outskirts of St John's. It's a vibe. You can spend the day or even overnight it. So watcha waiting for? Lets help you get started by checking out our local Facebook group with tons of great local info and if you are looking for some help on finding a dandy spot to stay check out

Much Love


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