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There is no place like “OME”-The Ultimate Glamping Experience in Newfoundland Labrador

Glamping is the new camping. What does that mean? It means that tenting is making a comeback big time. It means you get the experience the quiet of the night, the pitter patter of rain on the canvas,the morning sounds of bird chirping and the tranquility of being totally unplugged from the REAL world. Off the grid and completely checked out and tuned into yourself. Time to think with no distraction. Time to reflect and listen to yourself. Time to appreciate the simple things in life As there is no place like OME. A project started by Shaun Majumder in rural Newfoundland. Located in Burlington NL on the Baie Verte Peninsula. A little over 6 hours from St Johns NL a little hidden gem for sure. Drive on the TCH West bound take a right down the Baie Verte Highway and you are on the right track. A Lovely part of the province. The concept of 5 star tenting was fascinating to me. These sweet little glamping tents took me on a little adventure and I was in LOVE again.

We arrived to the OME check in house. So welcoming. It literally felt like we were going to a family members house. We collected a bundle of wood and made our way through the trees to our glam tent for the evening. Met with a spectacular view and a comfy bed I was ready to drop our bags and go explore the town. Well almost. Lol. We were wet because it rained so hard and we had no socks and my townie husband only had his hiking flip flops on. Lol. So off we went in search of socks and food.

A rocky beach in Burlington near the OME tents
To the beach in Burlington!

Hiking flip flops?

The path leading to the view!

We took a little drive and explored the surrounding areas. So beautiful.

Rainbow in Burlington Newfoundland
A rainbow after a rain shower

? Rainbows!

I wanted to visit all 9 of the OME tents and the OME Pod. Lol. They are super sweet. All with different decor and each tent is identified by its very own NFLD wild life title. We stayed at The Fox. It was adorable. We were greeted with a Newfoundland inspired decor with traditional quilt wall hanging, crocheted pillow shams, a welcoming basket, a comfy bed and a whole lot of personality. Loved it!

First glance❤️

The Fox Glampimg tent at the OME tents in Burlington Newfoundland
The Fox Tent at OME

The Fox

Outside we had a wonderful view and a fire pit. We had a couple bevies and enjoyed our fire at our OME oasis for the evening. Even Lucy couldn’t wait to get in the comfy bed.

OME tent
Glampimg tent at OME Burlington

OME sweet OME?

The next morning we ordered a yummy breakfast at OME Fry food truck located next door and said goodbye to Burlington and The Fox. This outdoor adventure is highly recommended for a unique experience as these tents bring camping to the next level for sure. We are planning to go back and stay at the OME Pod next time? Thank you for taking the time to read and following our journey. Much Love ❤️

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