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The Trinity Scoop: The Trinity Loop Amusement Park Adventure!

I wanted the scoop on Trinity Loop so I decided to do a little road trip and walk through the abandoned amusement park myself. I had heard plenty of stories about summer fun at the park back in the late 80’s and 90’s but we as a family did not go. I did however get there about 15 years ago for a ride on the train. It was cool and even then I wished I spent more time there. At that time the park was a little run down and the attractions seemed to be winding down as there was not a whole lot of updates. Trinity Loop was a hot spot in its hay day. Some 35000 tourists visited each year. Despite being permanently closed and quite dilapidated it has been a popular destination to explore in recent years. The day we visited there were plenty of locals taking pictures of what was left on the land. I thought it was sad and cool all at the same time. I felt nostalgic as I could picture families havin a time and making memories. Then I was very intrigued and fascinated by the whole idea of a revival. Here are some details and a little blurp about our day.

Trinity Loop Amusement Park still is a top destination
Trinity Loop Amusement Park nostalgia!

Hoppin Trinity on the left. Dilapidated Trinity on the right.

It’s pretty scary. It’s probably not a good idea to take small children there. Lol. Abandoned 15 years ago it’s owner Francis Kelly packed it in and a few years later what was left was destroyed by hurricane Igor in 2011. The remnants consist of a lot of graffiti on the walls, a tipped over Ferris wheel which was originally purchased from Thomas amusements back in the day, washed out railway beds, a couple of run down rail way cars and some vandalized buildings. Apparently the land went back to Crown Lands and the future of the park is grim. Good news though as The Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Association has designated The Trinity Train Loop as a heritage structure but there are no plans to resurrect the park. Sad.

The old ferris wheel at Trinity loop amusement park
The old ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel on the left from years ago. The tipped over pic on the right.

Trinity Loop Petting Zoo
The petting zoo at Trinity Loop

Trinity Loop 20 some years ago!

Back in the day Trinity Loop was the place to go. The train, paddle boats, a museum, Ferris wheel, mini golf, a wishing well, farm animals,campgrounds and cabins. There was a event hall and a saloon. A restaurant, entertainment and ice cream. Sure what else do ya what. This would be deadly now sure by. Lol. The rebirth of the park consists of a photo op spot and a big dream of a local lady the revive the old dear. Her application to Crown Lands is two years old and she is still waiting. Like what? Why would anyone stop her from breathing life back into this little gem? An environmental assessment is the hang up. Uh oh this may take a while. Deep pockets and a lot of sweat equity would do the trick. Lol.

Old graffiti on the washrooms at Trinity Loop
The run down washrooms at Trinity Loop!

The washrooms and little canteen.

Trinity Loop amusement park photos
The caboose and mini golf course at Trinity Loop

I think she still has life left in her?

At any rate I loved my adventure. I thought it was super cool. I am a dreamer and a positive thinker so I am sending out positive vibes to the universe and I believe the old family fav will make a come back and be loved again. More memories will be made. More Loop Burgers will be ate and family fun times will be back in motion.

Check out our Youtube as well for more adventures!

Thank you for your time once again. I appreciate your support. Much love


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