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The Trappers Cabin: An Off Grid Adventure in Petty Harbour, Newfoundland Labrador

The Trappers cabin is cozy getaway located in the hills of Petty Harbour, Newfoundland Labrador. Staycationing NFLD is simply spectacular. So many places to visit. In a quest to support local and search out some hidden gems the North Atlantic Ziplines cute addition seemed to be an obvious choice.

Nestled in the hills of Petty Harbour NFLD this incredible tiny home did not disappoint. We started our journey at the pub in Petty Harbour whereby Phil met us and gave us a little history about the property. An elderly man from the area who has since passed owned this little cabin in the woods. Used as a trapping cabin in the hills of petty harbour for years. In his 80s he would stay in the cabin and hike down a trail that is considered a little difficult to get into his canoe and go for a coffee at the local Tim Hortons. How amazing is that!

Petty harbour Zip line
Our Guide into The Trappers Cabin in Petty Harbour

Phil is very welcoming and this job is a perfect fit for him❤️

Phil guided us up the hill through some pretty thick brush. We were going to take Lucy but I don’t think her carpet paws would have handled it very well. Lol. The trail was fairly easy to follow as our company for the evening found us no problem. A definite way to get your heart rate up but only took us about 20 minutes in. Once we got to the top of the trail we came to the gazebo first. Top of a little mountain and a top notch view. It was a little foggy but the temperature was about about 19 degrees. A beautiful rock fire place and a fabulous sitting area meant to host zip liners at the halfway mark on the course for a bevie break but for us last night it was our spot for the night. We had the whole mountain to ourselves. Incredible! We lit the fire, had a couple bevies, had a lovely BBQ, listened to a few tunes and just enjoyed nature for the evening?

After dinner we enjoyed the fire a little longer while under the gazebo as we listened to the rain. So very peaceful and tranquil. As the sun went down we made our way to The Trappers Cabin to sit outside in the swings under the night sky. The moon was bright by this time and we just sat listened and chatted. A real nice evening to reconnect without TV or social media ( although we checked it from time to time. Lol ) it was a damp night so we lit the fire in the tiny cabin to take the chill out as we were having a night cap. Absolutely perfect!

drinks at the trappers cabin
An evening beverage on the deck at The Trappers Cabin

We were swingin’

We climbed the birch ladder to the loft where there was a super comfy bed calling our names. So as I am obviously obsessed with tiny homes this was a dream come true. Lol. The finest place I ever slept in. So charming and sweet. Everything you need for the night. We woke up to the sound of the birds chirping and the trickling of the nearby brook. When we woke we boiled the kettle and had a cup of tea. I sat outside and wrote a little message in the cabin log book. Nice to read about other visitors and their experience as well. We packed up and hike down the hill to return to St Johns and our pupper! We loved our night at The Trappers Cabin. Bravo Newfoundland! Bring on the next adventure ?

Boot cleaner belonged to the trapper
A hiking boot cleaner.. I think!

What’s this?? Lol

the trapper
The original Trapper of the cabin

The original Trapper!

Thank you for taking the time to follow our journey. Much love❤️

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