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"Exploring the Best-Kept Secret: The Rideout Hideout in Cottlesville, Newfoundland Labrador"

Have you ever gone anywhere in your life and be completely floored by your experience and utterly in awe of the beauty of our province. It happens to me all the time. Lol. Staycation summer 2020 is so full of surprises for me. I feel like a tourist in my own province and of course I am hooked on Staycationing. I feel like things happen for a reason and people come into our lives for many reasons. Years ago I decided to surround myself with the people that inspired my to be a better person and I feed off people that follow their dreams. I admire individuals who take the chance and live their best life. StaycationNL has introduced me to so many people and I have learned a little about their life’s journey along the way. I love how the group has taken my in many different directions and I am so happy that it took me to The Hideout. I met Lindy and Lottie through the group. They would post up pictures of their road trips and tips on Staycationing in the province. No strangers to staycationing as they visited over 900 communities in our province. That’s amazing right! They have their own little piece of heaven in Cottlesville about 30 minutes outside of Twillingate. Great ambassadors to our province and very knowledgeable about their area. The salt of the earth and they very quickly became our friends for life. Let me take you on a quick journey.........

Incredible view from The Hideout
The View from the Cove

The view from our suite!

The perfect name for the perfect get away because we thought we were lost. LOL. We drove to the end of a long road to a secluded area in a little cove. So tranquil and lovely. felt like home. Lindy and Lottie were the perfect hosts. Very proud Newfoundlanders they gave us the quick tour before we were whisked off to Hillgrade to an authentic lobster pool. A stunner. Right on the wharf Sansome’s Lobster Pool and restaurant offers a spectacular view, the freshest seafood, the friendliest staff and a true authentic Newfoundland experience.

The wharf at Ransoms Lobster Pool
The wharf

Yup! That’s the ocean!

Staff at Sansomes Lobster Pool in Hilgrade Newfoundland
Eileens Crew!

Selfies are not supposed to be perfect! Lol

A beautiful retreat filled with adventures. The next day was a scorcher. We woke up to the hosts singing Happy Birthday as they walked down the hallway. So inviting and a chuckle to start the day. We had a cup of coffee on the dock, went for a little jaunt and got ready for an afternoon on the water. Amazing ?

walking trail in Cottlesville
The walking Trail around the pond!

Only in NFLD?

A stunning view
The view from the Top

The view

Lindy said come on we go get some mussels. I thought we were going to the grocery store. Nope. In the motor boat and off across the harbour we go. We had to fetch our own supper. Lol. Out we jumped and picked the mussels right off the rocks. Superb. Authentic. Then off out the bay for a cruise and a little cod jigging. A gorgeous day and a little jiggin for fun. We caught just enough for Lindy to whip up a seafood chowder for a late night snack. Lottie even whipped up a Bake Apple Cheesecake for Sean’s birthday. They made us feel like family and we certainly felt welcomed.

mussel picking in Cottlesville Newfoundland
Mussel picking Adventure!

Mussel picking!

cod fishing in Cottlesville Newfoundland
cod fishing!

Late night snack?

Later that evening we took a drive around to the smaller communities in the area. There are so many things to keep you busy. Between boat tours, restaurants, trails, amazing views, The Split Rock Brewery and Auk Island Winery just to mention a few your visit will be jam packed with things to do. There are over 100 places to stay in the area as well so accommodations are quite easy to find ....if they are not booked up that is. We darted out to Twillingate to the dinner theatre for a nice meal and a few laughs. Home of The iceberg in the spring of the year Twillingate and surrounding area is a must see when touring our lovely province.

The next morning we took a tour around the harbour in Lindy’s Seaknife Kayak. Lindy makes those kayaks and owns the business. They are designed for ocean waves and are very steady on the water. I was a little nervous at first but the ocean was flat calm and the view was incredible. Little small islands pepper the harbour which make for the perfect spot to explore nooks and crannies. Check out our videos on YouTube at StaycationNL of our morning paddle if you wish.

Sea kayaking is so peaceful. A simple way to unwind and breathe. The idea of slow travel this summer in Newfoundland allows one to take in the views and explore small towns in our province and to catch the flavour of our local communities. Instead of driving down the highway take that right turn into unknown territory and explore an area you have never seen before. The nooks and crannies are amazing and so are the people you will meet along the way.

Our adventure to Cottlesville and The Rideout Hideout was nothing short of amazing. I can’t thank our new friends Lindy and Lottie for the true hospitality that they showed us during our stay. Jack of all trades and personality plus these two are living their best life. They are grateful for what they have built together, live life to the fullest, are great ambassadors for their hometown and surrounding area but above all of that they have inspired me to follow my dreams.

Thank you my friends for the lovely adventure and we will see you soon

Much love


Pretty driftwood Christmas tree
The Driftwood Christmas Tree At The Hideout!

Made from driftwood. Cool heh?

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