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Dear Chance Cove, Newfoundland: A beautiful walk in the woods.

Dear Chance Cove! How are you? You looked so gorgeous today! I can’t believe I didn’t know you were so beautiful. Your incredible views and your soft breezes made for the perfect day trip. People had told me that you were breath taking but I had to see for myself. You are mesmerizing and you make it easy to forget the real world. So many nooks and crannies. Caves, look outs and the most amazing views just seemed to pop out of no where. So many surprises around every little bend in the trail. A very well kept trail you can take your pet no problem. We left Lucy because she has carpet paws and is not really into hiking but we didn’t know if the trail was suited for small dogs but it was good. Children would do fine as well it’s just the couple of places that you have to use ropes to lower down to the beaches. AMAZIN!

Chance Cove hiking trail!
The beginning of the trail!

Start line!

Enjoying the view!
What's a Spell?

A spell is a rest in case you didn’t know?

The trail itself is very well keep. A few muddy spots because of the rain we had the day before. Harder in some places than other but no problem for most people I wouldn’t say. It takes about a half hour or 40 minutes to hike in depending on how many pictures you stop to take and how many spells you need. I took quite a few and I wanted to take in the views. About mid way in there was a little look out called Green Head. It reminded me of Ireland seriously. It was breathtaking. Everything so lush an green. Just WOW!

We continued our little hike and when we got to Patrick’s Cove we lowered ourselves down to the beach with ropes. It worked fine. A little steep but take your time and you will be fine. Trust me the view at the bottom is worth it.

Wowsers! It was pretty cool. We walked along and watched a few kids with their dip nets catching capelin. The water was cold but we all know kids don’t care about that. Lol. It’s fun and it’s exploring nature. What child doesn’t like that. I met and chatted with a lovely lady that was at the beach exploring and taking pictures of the stunning views. She runs two local accommodations in the area. The Killick Inn and Suites and Bellevue Ocean Cottage. Committed to a life of tourism and building their up their community they were a delightful little family. They came ashore in a dory to explore and catch the Capelin. I will be sure to check out their hideaways in the future.

The lower brach at Chance Cove Trail
Chance Cove Beach


A grand day on the beach. We were hungry so we headed over to Chad’s Place in Bellevue Beach for a poutine. Took a drive down to the ocean , put her in park and had a little lunch. Best kind!

P.S I love you Chance Cove. We had a large day at the beach. Thank you for the hospitality. Until next time.

Much Love


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