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"Exploring the Charm of St. John's: 11 Must-Do Activities for a Perfect Weekend in Newfoundland Labrador!"

Why 11?…. Cuz it sounds better than 10. Lol. I am a bay chick but I love love love St John’s, Newfoundland. It’s the coolest little city in the world. Lots of charm, lots of beauty and lots of things to do? We like hanging out with our friends, havin a laugh, enjoying a nice bevie, munching on some delicious snacks and just taking in some of the social scene

in our vibrant city. Here is a little list of our fav things to do during Staycation summer 2020

#1. Walk the new pedestrian mall. It has created a deadly vibe to the downtown area. No trouble to spend the day just walking around people watching. Lol. Hit a couple local shops and sit out for a snack and a bevie. Just dandy?

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#2. Sit out at Murray’s Beach outside restaurant. Newfoundlanders are very creative and yes there is sand in St. John’s. In light of the current restrictions in our province resulting from COVID 19 and social distancing they decided to bring the party outside. They brought in a couple loads of sand, some tunes, a bar and voila a beach. It was dandy!

Downtown drinks in St John's Newfoundland Labrador
Downtown St John's Newfoundland Labrador

Da beach

downtown burgers and fries
Downtown snacks

Mid day snack ?

#3. Take in the fabulous views from Signal Hill. A very popular spot for tourists as well as locals. You get the view of the whole downtown area. You can walk around a lovely trail. It’s a hard hike and it is guaranteed to get your heart rate up. You can explore the area by the Tattoo and Cabot Tower. A dandy spot!

Signal Hill St Johns Newfoundland
Signal Hill sunset

Cabot Tower

Cabot Tower
The view from Cabot Tower at Signal Hill

The view never gets old

#4. Hit up a local brewery. We chose to stop in to Bannerman Brewery. It is right downtown in the perfect location. It’s an old fire station turned brewery. Cool heh. There are a couple other local breweries in the area which are trendy and hoppin too. Quidi Vidi Brewery is the oldest one in town. They are located in scenic Quidi Vidi Village and is a must see as well. LandWash is also located in nearby Mount Pearl. Local breweries are such a hot thing to do right now. Cool vibes and taste tasting make for a great afternoon! Just dandy!

#5. Quidi Vidi Village Plantation located in scenic Quidi Vidi Village. The perfect spot to pick up a gift for that special someone or just a little treat for yourself. It’s a boutique shopping experience that highlights some really talented artisans in our province. Plus the view is stellar!

The views from Quidi Vidi Village St Johns Newfoundland
Quidi Vidi Village view

The view

The QV Artisan Studios
local products from The QV Artisan Studios

The cutest little designs!

local products from newfoundland
Local Newfoundland products


#6. Grab a coffee to go at Mallard Cottage and walk around the gut. If you are a foodie you should take in their brunch or dine in for a fabulous meal. The freshest ingredients and twists on traditional Newfoundland cuisine combined with the character of the cottage will make you feel right at home. The cottage was rejuvenated a few years back and was recognized for restoring the heritage building. A true gem in St John’s! So scenic and peaceful Quidi Vidi Village is well worth the walk about. The smell of the salt water and the picturesque fishing village will give you all the Newfie feels. Just dandy!

Top restaurant in St johns Newfoundland Mallard Cottage
Mallard Cottage Restaurant

Mallard Cottage

#7. Take a hike. For real. We explored Sugarloaf Path in Logy Bay. Only a short 5 minute drive to a most lovely view. This one actually can connect to Quidi Vidi if you kept hiking. Funny thing about Newfoundland… The rugged coastlines are so similar but yet so different. Incredible views never get old! Just dandy!

#8. Head on over to The St John’s Farmers Market. Just awesome. Lots of local food, crafts, fresh farm produce, baked goods and artisans. This is a great place to meet up with friends and support local. You are sure to find a few gems. Sometimes they have local entertainment and put off special events. Get the St John’s vibes! Just dandy!

#9. So you CAN NOT visit St John’s without taking a trip down to George St. The most famous little street in Canada. This year it looks so much different as do many other places in our lovely province but still one of the must sees. Best know for the George Street Festival and its vibrant nightlife. Whether you want to take in some live entertainment, listen to some toe tapping Newfie tunes, sit at the bar in one of its pubs or throw on a pair of dancing shoes it’s a sure shot to a good time in this city…. Next year ?. We just took a walk down the street and a trip down memory lane.

The biggest little street in Canada
O'reillys Pub George Street Newfoundland

Most famous little street!

#10. There are so many spots to get a cool ice cream treat but I love the Newfoundland Chocolate Company. They have gelato. So yummy. They also have these chocolate bars with these wicked Newfie sayings. They crack me up every time and they are delicious. Just dandy!

Chocolate bars with funny sayings
Chocolate Bars by The Newfoundland Chocolate Company

Photos by NL Choc Co

#11. Sure ya knows we had to finish off the weekend with Jiggs dinner from The Big R. All Newfoundlanders just die for a Sunday dinner. Years ago my mama would cook like this every Sunday. Imagine. Lol. I would say seafood and this traditional meal is def the undeniable staple in our cuisine. Just dandy!

Jiggs dinner
Jiggs Dinner a traditional Newfoundland food

Dinner on the patio!

Well folks. That was our fun filled weekend in St John’s. There are lots of adventures and things to do in our vibrant city. Between hikes, shopping, eating, drinking, museums, entertainment a weekend in St. John’s is very entertaining for all ages. We are a very welcoming people and we hope to see you soon. Check out some of our suggestions on how to get your trip plans started here in Newfoundland and Labrador. Click here!

Much love


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