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Hi there. My name is Lori King. Originally from Norman’s Cove, Trinity Bay NFLD but moved to Town after high school some 30 years ago. Lol. I sound old now. I am married to my soulmate Sean Lake and we have a little black Heinz 57 mix of a princess dog named Lucy.

The original travellers and creators of StaycationNL
The Original Staycationers!

Our little family❤️

We love to travel and we continue to build our bucket list of places to visit as I believe the world is such a beautiful place and life is way too short not to marvel in its glory. I have a ridiculous passion for positivity and I strive to be a better person each day. I look to be inspired by the little things in life and I choose to life my best life on a daily basis.

Beautiful Newfoundland Labrador
Staycation in Newfoundland Labrador

This is going to be fun!

Staycationing for me started as a child as we toured the provinces camp grounds and explored little nooks and crannies. I am sure we weren’t allowed to be crawling around sharp rocks out by the ocean and chasing waves but it was fun and we had to make our own fun back then. There was no Florida or Disney for us just Splash ‘n Putt and Thomas Amusements which seemed HUGE and the most exciting places in the world to me. Lol. So I have many fond memories about touring this lovely province. When we got a little older my parents bought a piece of land on a pond just outside the Town of Terra Nova. A little piece of heaven as my father called it. It very quickly became everyone’s happy place. The sweetest little town in NFLD I am sure of it. A waterfront property with a screened in cookhouse with a fire pit and a car radio. My dad LOVED it there so much. He had no desire to travel anywhere else. He put his heart and soul into that place and he told everyone about his SPOT in Turn Over ( that’s what it sounded like he said when he talked about the cabin lol) I could picture him now sitting in the screen house drinking a whiskey and listening to a few tunes. My dad suddenly passed away in that cabin in 2019. I was there. I was heartbroken.

So last year my Staycationing was reignited when we wanted to stay close to family so we decided that 2019 was a great year to have a Road Trippin kind of summer! We took a few road trips close to home and LOVED it. Then along came 2020 and Snowmageddon and my COVID Vacation. Lol. Then one lazy morning over a cup of coffee and some doggie snuggles I had a thought…… WHERE IN THE NAME OF GOD ARE WE GOING TO TRAVEL THIS YEAR. NFLD is Closed. I said to myself “sure set up a FB group and ask your FB friends to hit you with some fav spots to visit”…. StaycationNL was launched. I wanted to be inspired by others. I wanted to support local. I wanted to visit some off the beaten paths. I wanted to change my mindset. I wanted to be excited. I wanted others to see that being STUCK in this beautiful province was nothing to be upset about as we had access to so many talented musicians, artists and humorous individuals in the world, an unlimited amount of natural beauty and hidden gems just waiting to be discovered, some of the best restaurants in the world and with all the icebergs, whales and a unique heritage why would we want to go anywhere else this year

Iceberg Straight Ahead

Beauty in our backyard!

Thank you for taking the time to share you experiences on the StaycationNL group. I love love love seeing all the posts. Thank you for building the community and welcome to my journey. Much love Lori

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