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Top 10 bucket list places to Stay in Newfoundland Labrador!

Updated: Feb 15

Dear Newfoundland and Labrador,

I know you are having a tough time lately. Mother Nature is crooked as sin, DA COVIK is sticking around way too long and Come home 2022 is not getting off to a great start ! People aren’t being very nice and they are saying stuff about you. That’s ok. You will bounce back. Lol. You are brilliant and beautiful. Strong and graceful. Chin up we will get through this Together !! ❤️🤣 I am still planning a staycation for when it’s safe😀 Dreaming of brighter days and Summer Deck beers is what keeps me going these days!! So we will see you later this year🤣🤣

This past 2 years I have been compiling a great big bucket list of the places I want to go in this province. I want them to be unique. Somewhere I haven’t been before. Somewhere that’s relaxing and fun any the same time. These are the spots on my list so far! I found most these on this group as I am learning all kinds of cool stuff. So many places to visit! I am going to try my best to knock these off my list one by one

#10. The Old Salt Box Co. You guessed it ….. Traditional Old Salt Box homes that have HUGE windows on the side of the houses that are facing the ocean. All perched perfectly on a point with an ocean view. Traditional NL meets modern Decor. I loves it!! I want to stay in one of these. They have a bunch spread out all over the province in little nooks and crannies!! Stunning is the word that comes to mind.

Traditional salt box homes in Newfoundland Labrador
Traditional Salt Box House

I am simply dying to stay at any one of these properties!! NOT MY PIC BECAUSE I HAVE NOT BEEN THERE!! Lol

#9. Grates Cove Studios in Grates Cove!! It looks so awesome there!! It has this outdoor bath house that I am dying to soak in!! They have a restaurant too and the food looks deadly!! I have never been out to that area and it looks beautiful!

Amazing seaweed bath house
Seaweed Bath House

This sweet little hut had the tubs inside where you can get a seaweed bath! Deadly ! NOT MY PIC BECAUSE I HAVE NOT BEEN THERE! Lol

#8. Russelltown Inn located in Bonavista. It’s right on the ocean. Off grid kinda but the view is spectacular. I love that area but I really want to check this spot out!! Russelltown Inn has several room types but I want to stay in their one if their PODS. They have 2. They are perched on the rocks and boast a stellar view. No power in the pod but a shared kitchen area and washrooms. Looks incredible! Bet it a perfect for iceberg season!!

Russelltown Inn located in Bonavista
Russelltown Inn

These are perched right on the rocks on the edge of the ocean! Off grid get at me!! NOT MY PIC BECAUSE I HAVE NOT BEEN THERE. LOL

#7. Humber River Off Grid Tours have glamping tents. They are equipped with little small wood stoves. I just think this would be super cute. I want to stay the fall of the year is amazing!! They do sea kayaking too. Takes ya right down the Humber River!

Glamping domes at Humber Valley Newfoundland Labrador

These look so comfy and cozy!! NOT MY POC BECAUSE I HAVE NOT BEEN THERE! Lol

#6. Battle Harbour Historic Trust is in Labrador! I only learned of this place on this group last year. I think it would be an amazing experience and I think I would really enjoy learning about the history of this little community. I need to do some more research but it’d def on my great big bucket list!! This would be like going back in time. Lol. How amazing!!

Battle Harbour Labrador
Battle Harbour

This would be like going back in time!! NOT MY PIC BECAUSE I HAVE NOT BEEN THERE! Lol

#5. Gros Morne Inn. This place looks amazing. I want to hike the Summit and cross it off my list !! This reminds me of a resort. I bet it’s a wicked in the winter time!! The pics look deadly and it prob should be in a Hallmark movie. Lol

Gros Morne Inn Newfoundland and Labrador
Gros Morne Inn

A brand new Inn with an incredible view!! NOT MY PIC BECAUSE I HAVE NOT BEEN THERE! Lol

#4. Moratorium Children located in Conche on the GNP. I just love this girls vision and her drive to revive her hometown!! It’s a retreat style vaca. Yoga and meditation and a total reset I think!!

Conche Newfoundland
Moratorium Children Retreat

There is something about this town that reels me in. I just want to go there!! NIT MY PIC BECAUSE I HAVE NIT BEEN THERE! Lol

#3. The Lobster Pods and South Dildo Park Glamping Suites are the cutest too. Love that area and it looks so sweet there!! Fire pits and drinks by the fire. One of them even has a petting Zoo. Cute heh!!!

Lobster Pods Glamping in Newfoundland Labrador
Lobster Pods

These pods are the cutest!! NOT MY PIC BECAUSE I HAVE NOT BEEN THERE!! Lol

Amazing pods in Dildo Newfoundland
Dildo Glamping Suites

Amazing and secluded !! AGAIN NOT MY PIC!! 😀😀

#2. Woody Island Resort calls out to my heart! Everything I hear about this spot reminds me of traditional NL. All the home cooking you can eat. Kitchen parties and a story of resettlement! I just want to move there. Lol.

Woody Island Resort
A walk on Woody Island

I want to explore and experience this little island!! NOT MY PIC BUT I WILL TAKE ONE JUST LIKE IT!! Lol

#1. This one is a bit of a pipe dream but Fogo Island Inn. This is every little Newfie girls dream. AND a girls gotta have dreams!! I have been to Fogo Island and did get a sneak peek one time a few years back and I have been dreaming of staying there every since! I will get there I promise and I will Show all you guys my amazing pics and tell you all about it! The island is magical. If you haven’t visited it put it on your list Staycationers!! Much love Lori

The stunning view from the Fogo Island Inn
Fogo Island Inn ( not my pic)

I want to sit in one of those chairs and take a million pictures!! YOU GUESSED IT… not my pic!! ❤️

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