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Brewhouse favs and Ale adventures in Newfoundland Labrador

"The Craft beer scene is exploding in Newfoundland Labrador"

Staycation tip #1. The craft beer scene is exploding in Newfoundland Labrador! A word of advice, find something you are interested in and plan a Staycation around it. For example if you like hiking and jumping on the ban wagon of trying new brews then this is your ultimate adventure. Our province has been blowin up the craft brew scene as we have 18 breweries here now, 1 distillery and a cider company! How awesome is that! No trouble to get a swally of something here in this province I’ll tell ya.

One Staycationer Dale and her hubby did just that. They planned their trip around our most wonderful hiking trails by day and they hit the breweries in the evening to plan the next leg of their trip and chat about their amazing adventure. I asked Dale what she had to say about her adventure and this is what she said.

“We hiked & kayaked by day & visited breweries by night!! Luckily after almost 16 years we still really like each other & can survive a busy road trip ! Lol. If this year had taught us anything it’s been to slow down & do the things you enjoy! Tomorrow is not promised to any of . We started out in Corner Brook for a few days where we hiked & later enjoyed Boomstick & Bootleg breweries. Then onto Pasedena for Western Brew Co & Pasedena beach. So pretty. Went into to Rough Waters Brewery in Deer Lake before heading to Gros Morne. Super happy to have crossed the Summit off my bucket list. Took us 10 hours ( 7 hours moving ) in 35+ heat & boy were we happy to get er done. Lol. Difficult hike & the heat,despite starting very early, was unreal. We spent Another few days exploring & hiking. The Tablelands hike was so cool & we are already planning on doing the off grid hike next year. Sean is determined to get up to the snow on top. lol. Kayaking in Bonne bay was so beautiful, dead calm water & so many places to explore. We had hoped to see some whales but not this time. Luckily we headed to shore when we did as the winds came up so quick & within less than 10 mins we were fighting the waves to get in. Quick stop in Cormack for Crooked Feeder brewery on our way to Twillingate. Great spot & probably my fav overall. We were so lucky with 25-30+ days every day with the exception of 1 day in Twillingate. We made the most of it & did 3 hikes plus participated in the voting for Kraft Hockeyville.. so much community spirit & was exciting to be there for the voting! Congrats on winning!! Of course we Checked our Split Rock brewery. Last stop was Port Rexton where we did the Skerwink trail before hitting the brewery for our last night out. Lol. We had so much fun, this province is so incredibly beautiful & we take for granted how lucky we are to live here. Is it perfect, nope, but I’ll take NL over anywhere in the world any day!” What a great map for a brewhouse tour! Love it.

Bannerman Brewery St Johns
Drinks at Bannerman Brewery

The Staycationers!

Our craft brewery industry is growing real fast and they are spread out across the province. Starting on the east coast in St Johns we have The Quidi Vidi Brewing Company. The very first one we had. Established in 1995 they provide premium beers! Located in the ever so popular Quidi Vidi Village they boast a stunner of a view, have a dandy food truck on site and have live entertainment from time to time. We have visited Quidi Vidi Brewery on several occasions. The staff are awesome and they are a wedding and event venue as well.

Bannerman Brewing Co is located in the heart of downtown. It was an old fire hall turned brewhouse. Lots of character and great brews just steps away from George St. Right from The Terry’s Chocolate Orange Brew to IPA’s. Stocked with SWAG, small dishes and appies on their menus you will have to pop in for a visit on your tour. We have done a taste test here as well. Very nice atmosphere and on a hot sunny day its the best spot to get view of St Johns Harbour. BEE YOU TEE FUL!!

Bannerman Brewery beers in Newfoundland Labrador
Downtown beers in St John's

Bannerman brews on a hot day!

YellowBelly Brewery located on Water St in the heart of our downtown St Johns sector. With plenty of choices on their restaurant menu. Pale ales and pizza make a wicked combo. They even have a beer called Come From Away NEIPA! Check it out just for the name. In a very old building it as well does have a very cool ambiance about it. Historic, beautiful, modern and trendy at the same time. It as well does have a rental space and is a spectacular backdrop for a rustic wedding as well as other social functions.

Landwash Brewery in da Pearl. Thats Mount Pearl. LOL. The very tasty Saucy Mouth food truck is on site and there to serve your Chucky Cheese fries with some local entertainment to boot. With beer names like That Much Ocean and Dream Island the conversation can be endless. They have trivia nights once and a while too. I loved their taproom. Picnic tables set a casual dining experience for that low key evening!

LAndwash brewery in Mount Pearl Newfoundland Labrador
Landwaash beers!

Taste test!

Ninepenny Brewing in CBS. I love their little stubby beer bottles. Retro and reminds me of my Dads old Dominion Ale. LOL. Cool vibe. They have a very industrial type feel to their taproom. They have a beer called Berry Fairies! I love it. They too have some entertainment and trivia nights!

Baccalieu Trail Brewing Co. Right on the ocean with a stunner of a view as well. I am liking the Sours. Their Double Bubble Mango Guava Sour is yummy! We sat on their deck on a super hot day just soaking up the sun and some drinks of course. They too have local entertainment and local food trucks on site from time to time. Sometimes is cupcakes and sometimes it Hotdogs!

Cold beers at Baccalieu Brewery in Newfoundland Labrador
The view at Baccalieu Brewery

The backdrop at Baccelieu

The Newfoundland Distillery is located in Clarks Beach about an hour and a half outside St Johns. Very Cool! Not a brewery but deserves a special mention! They have fancy drinks and coctails! They won awards for many of their blends. Seaweed Gin and Rhubarb Vodka should tickle your taste buds. They will mix your cocktails and suggest some fine local meats for your charcuterie board! It was an old grocery store back in the day and they still have the old school check out cash register right in the gift shop! A beautiful beer garden with a beautiful view will make your feel really comfortable… Not just the cocktails. LOL.

The Newfoundland Distillary
An old grocery belt turned checkin counter at NL Distillery

The check out aisle!

Dildo Brewing Co & Museum. This one is probably my favourite! I just love it there. The smell of the ocean and it is literally right on the dock. The name itself is always a topic of conversation but the stories you will tell on your excursion around the bay will be priceless. Entertainment, a great view and I feel its a great authentic experience of small town Newfoundland. Its definitely worth the trip. Everyone in their lifetime should be able to say that they visited Dildo! Try the Jimmy Kimmale! Even Bernie Sanders made a cameo appearance.

Dildo brewing Co Newfoundland and Labrador
Brews with views at Dildo Brewing Co

Dildo souvenirs

Port Rexton Brewery and Tap Room. Schoolhouse turned Brewhouse! Such an awesome spot to visit as well. A great beer garden and a line up of dandy beers you must head out to Port Rexton. Close to Bonavista and a great spot to Iceberg hunt you won’t be disappointed. OH My Cheeses have thee best grilled cheese sandwiches in all of the land. Who knew blueberry and chedder cheese was addictive! They have local entertainment, fall markets and baked goods from time to time. With a gluten free beer and spritzers you will have a lot to choose from.

Port Rexton Brewery Newfoundland and Labrador
Port Rexton Treasures

Port Rexton finds!

Split Rock Brewing Co. We have yet to make it to this one but it is one our list. Located in Twillingate you could probably look at icebergs will sipping your sour! I mean seriously where else in the world can you do that! I want to try the Nar Day IPA! LOL. A must see for sure. They have a great location and they have partnered with locals to provide great stay and stumble Staycation packages for your awesome experience.

Bumbleebee Bight Inn & Brewing Co on Pilleys Island. On our list as well. Bunks, Brews and bites all under one roof! Sure thats deadly. I cant wait to go here. Their Beers tell a story as they are names after places in Newfoundland and they have wood fired pizza. Can’t wait to visit here!

Secret Cove Brewing Co. We will soon see if the west coast is the best coast! LOL. Inspired by the Land and the Sea they situated on the Port Au Port peninsula near Stephenville. With some great microbrews and a hamburger with a wing on top I cant wait to check out this little gem. See you in 2021!

Western Newfoundland Brewing Company is located in Pasedena. Kick up your feet here and try one of their brews. I think the Honey Bee Good speaks to me. Lol. Adding lemons and cranberries to beer sounds super delish to me!

Boomstick Brewing Co. located in Corner Brook with a beer called Nans Puddin and Wild Bologna I got to go! Lots of local flavour and entertainment I think this one will be fun!

Bootleg Brew Co a west coast brewery in corner Brook as well has cocktails too? The Gin and Spruce is calling my name! A selection of Non Alcoholic bevies are a definitely crowd pleaser for the DD’s. Lol. My I am gettin tursty!!

Rough Waters Brewing Co located in Deer Lake is another must see on the West Coast! The Scallywag IPAs sound good! A young brewery thats is making waves Stayctioners be sure to put this one one your list as well. We Will!

Crooked Feeder Brewing Co located near Deer Lake in Cormack. Supporting local musicians and showcasing brews with names that highlight our colorful language I want to try Come On We Gose! I love that saying!

RagnaRock Northern Brewing Company Ltd located right up on the tip of the great Northern Peninsula this one is about 11 hour drive from my house. LOL. It looks like it has a cabin vibe! I love cabin vibes ! Beer, Yoga, Live music and trivia nights ensure that there is a little bit here for everyone! I hope to see you in 2021 as we are planning a trip to Gros Morne!

Iron Rock Brewing Co up in The Bigland! Looks like a great place to unwind at the end of the week! Live entertainment and beer yoga is a good combo I think. The Cats Away IPA sounds delious!

Last but not least is the Newfoundland Cider Company in Milton near Clarenville! My new love! Ciders are amazing. They have a super sweet set up. I little red couch inside and a fire pit outside. This winter they added a winter snow globe! Near the old railway bed you can stop on your ATV for a warm up cider or a dandy spot to quench your thirst after a snow shoe! I loved it here! I cant wait to go back and check out their winter snow globe!

Newfoundland cider company is located in Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland makes the best cider

Cider house rules!

Ok That just about completes my list of local mirco breweries and places to go! I should mention that most of these places are pet friendly and they do not mind your furry friends visiting as long as they are leashed of course! They even have water drinking bowls on their decks! These places are all unique and have their own place within their craft! Supporting local and trying new things are a great way to ensure a wonderful Staycation!

On a side note a lot of these new establishments have non alcoholic selections as well. Super cool as most of these places you have to drive as a tourist to make a day trip. I have tried a couple and they are super tasty too. Try it!

One last thought on local domestic beers! There is always Black Horse. That one has caused a lot of brown bottle flus. Lol. Then there is Jockey Club. My dad always said you had to chew that one up. Blue Star is a staple. My Pop would drink that one warm. Old man beer Dominion Ale is apparently trendy now. It must be because my BFF Tobi drinks it and she is cool. Lol. Also the pretty blue bottle Iceberg beer. Made with real water from icebergs. How awesome is that!

Well now that your beer tour is planned out you just have to book your trip to Newfoundland for like 2 weeks to do all of these and have the best party ever. It’s an adventure tour! Anyway thanks so much for listening! I think this should be enough “drink” for thought!

EDIT: This blog is a couple of years old so there are some new ones not included on this list and there are some plans on the horizon for new developments! Stay tuned!

In the meantime, Book that trip to Newfoundland Labrador, Here's a link to help you get started!

Check out some spots in Newfoundland Labrador to stay!

PS: This blog contains affiliate links which means I may receive a commission if you click one of my link in this blog at no charge to you of course!

Much Love


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