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Facebook Group Posting Rules

1.)Business  Posts 

  • No price in posts

  • No AIRBNB links 

  • Follow post structure #8

  • Post ONLY on Tuesdays and Thursdays post thread unless you have purchased an advertising package from

  • 2.)Staycationer Rules

  • Absolutely no bad reviews.Refer to trip advisor or buyer beware groups.

  • if you have an issue with a business DO NOT take it up on this group( contact the business)

  • Be positive Be nice Be kind

  • No posts that are controversial or in confrontational

  • No discussion of price or policy

  • No complaining

  • Ask for recommendations not reviews

  •   share an experience once as any more than that is considered advertising!

  • No promoting businesses unless approved by admin

  • 3.)No Spam/unrelated post or Promos unless approved

  • Give more than you take in this group. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren't allowed. All non related posts will be removed unless authorized by admin. If you have a promo send me a massage.

  • 4.)Small business/crafters or home based businesses

  • On Saturday’s I create a thread for your to share your talents to the world! Any questions please reach out

  • 5.)We will remove Duplicate posts

  • 6.)Over Advertising/Sharing

  • ONLY SHARE ON TUESDAYS! Sharing an experience is welcomed.

  • Sometimes if a user shares the SAME businesses over and over it is considered advertising. We would love to work with all businesses in the province. Please contact us at for more info

  • 7.)No pricing of nightly rates on posts

  • Just rewrite your post and remove the price. We feel price should be discussed privately!

  • 8.)Proper Post Structure for Businesses

  • Please ad your business name if you are a short term rental and the community📍😊📍

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