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The Start of a Marvelous Journey

Hi there. My name is Lori King. Originally from Norman’s Cove, Trinity Bay NFLD but moved to Town after high school some 30 years ago. Lol. I sound old now. I am married to my soulmate Sean Lake and we have a little black Heinz 57 mix of a princess dog named Lucy.


We love to travel and we continue to build our bucket list of places to visit as I believe the world is such a beautiful place and life is way too short not to marvel in its glory. I have a ridiculous passion for positivity and I strive to be a better person each day. I look to be inspired by the little things in life and I choose to life my best life on a daily basis. 

Staycationing started for me as a child and I always beloved that I saw a lot of this province. Once the pandemic hit and we decided to rediscover and explore some nooks and crannies we were surprised to see that there was so much that we had not seen. We were inspired to find hidden gems and support local businesses in this province. We were hooked. We wanted to see more so our Staycationing journey started. We are committed to this cause And we are ever so grateful to be living in this wonderful safe province that we call home. Thank you for following us and we are excited for our future adventures!

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