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This weeks hidden gem is The Sea Arch in Tickle Cove. Just magnificent!

A hidden gem is a discovery. A place that you think no one knows about. It evokes a feeling of happiness and excitement like opening your presents on Christmas morning. It’s something you want to tell people about. That place where you feel at home and where you can take the perfect selfie. The place you go to get lost. It’s your happy place!


Brewhouse favs and Ale adventures!

Staycation tip #1. Find something you are interested in and plan a Staycation around it. For example if you like hiking and jumping on the ban wagon of trying new brews then this is your ultimate adventure. Our province has been blowin up the craft brew scene as we have 18 breweries here now, 1 distillery and a cider company! How awesome is that! No trouble to get a swally of something here in this province I’ll tell ya

Resettlement on the Southwest Coast With Port aux Basques Marine Excursions!

Resettlement! Our province is enriched and embedded with stories about how our people were relocated over the years to mainland Newfoundland. Forced to move their families in search of a better life. Some welcomed the change and for some it was heartbreaking.


Chance Cove

You looked so gorgeous today! I can’t believe I didn’t know you were so beautiful. Your incredible views and your soft breezes made for the perfect day trip.


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