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Grates Cove Co.

Grates Cove

Grates Cove Co.
Grates Cove
(709) 587-3880
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Welcome to Grates Cove, the most north westerly tip of the Avalon Penninsula in Newfoundland. Here, you can gaze across the rugged coastline and sparse barrens from the comfort of your living room – or journey out to see them up close. Our unique blend of locally inspired experiences celebrates the simple pleasures in life. Enjoy a seaweed bath for two in an outdoor bathhouse overlooking the sea, a coastal boat excursion, or get hands-on in our print making studio, experience a master class in culinary fusion – whatever your heart desires.

Grates Cove Co. is located just two hours from St. John’s and St. John’s International Airport. We offer two vacation homes, an award winning restaurant, boat tours, seaweed baths, and culinary and printmaking classes in the National Historic Site of Grates Cove at the end of Baccalieu Coastl Drive.

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