No change in the weather!

One hot topic of conversation has always been the weather here in the lovely province of Newfoundland and Labrador . I mean where else in the whole world can you and do you get four seasons in one day? I challenge anyone to prove it and produce some pictures to confirm it. Lol. Although us Newfoundlanders complain about the cold cold winters we also complain about the two minutes of humidity we get in mid July. There is no pleasing us for sure. I do complain about it as well so I can’t talk. LOL. I will say though that even though we complain from one extreme to the other for something to do we also are honestly and truly grateful that we live in a place that there are no serious weather extremities. While our weather is a well known nemesis we rarely have massive floods, fires, hurricanes, typhoons or earthquakes. Thank god that hurricane like winds here at home are just a good day on clothes and enough to blow da arse right off ya as they say. A blizzard is an just excuse to go get your storm chips and a few bevies to bunker down in front of the TV. Storms are great for business here in Newfoundland as the grocery stores are on wheels the day before a storm or a holiday. I swear to god we think we are going to starve to death in a few hours. In January 2020 a super snow storm called SNOWMAGEDDON hit St Johns. The whole city was in a state of emergency and we shut down for a whole week. What did Newfoundlanders do you ask? We had block parties and danced in the street. Some Newfoundlanders even got creative and built tiki bars in their backyards out of the snow. Moral of the story is that we as a people always find a way to look at the bright side of a bad situation and make the best of it. A trait that has been born into us and has made us resilient as a people. If the world gives us lemons we sure do know how to make lemonade.

Snowmageddon( I did not take this pic)
Lucy… or Luce that’s her Baychick name. Lol
Where’s the Motrin??

We are so lucky that we have such a variety of activities that are suitable for all types of weather. Just pack everything from shorts to sweaters in June. Hiking, boat tours, whale watching, iceberg hunting, quad rides, boil ups, kitchen parties and site seeing are all suitable in all types of weather. Save the sandy beach adventure for the hot sunny days. We get those too I promise. Beach combing and sea glass collecting are great activities on the not so hot days. Don’t forget beach fires because they are the best, especially if you roast some wienies or some marshmallows. Fall is great for farmers markets and fall hikes with the ever so popular PSL. Grab a coffee and take a stroll around one of our sweet little fishing villages and meet the locals. They are sure to keep you entertained. A Sunday drive with the fall colours is always a go to day trip. A visit to one of our local craft breweries or one of our fantabulous eateries is always a great rainy day adventure. Winter is the season that you have to embrace. These adventures are the ones you really have to push yourself you do but those are the ones that feel the most refreshing. A snow shoe or a sled ride with a boil up is the way to go. Channel your inner child and go sliding. Skiing and snowboarding are great options as well but more for the experienced winter adventurer. Lol. All in all some say people don’t come here for the weather but I say they DO!!

Ice berg hunting!
Have a boil up in the woods!
Take a quad ride!
Get a fight of beer at a local brewery!
Enjoy a sunset!
Take a hike!
Go on a boat tour!
Have a beach fire!
Walk around a small town!

Don’t forget we have the ONLY holiday probably in the world that depends on the weather. How funny is that. The Royal Newfoundland Regatta is the oldest sporting event in North America. It totally depends on the wind mostly. Tourists and residents flock to the lake to support the local athletes that participate in this historical event. It also is one of the largest fundraising events in the province as many charities depend on this day for funds raised to help with their cause throughout the year. Peppered with vendors from sunrise to sunset you can find anything from games of chance to horse back rides, a beer tent to ice cream shops, food trucks and music. It’s a great event and a must see if you are in our capital city. Hosted by St Johns and held on the well know Quidi Vidi Lake on the first Wednesday of every August ( except 2020 as most large gatherings were cancelled ?). The call is made at 6 am solely based on the forecast. So we wait. Wait for the call and hope that it goes ahead as some of us were playing George Street roulette the night before. Now that event goes ahead rain or shine. It still seems to draw a huge crowd regardless of the weather. A mix of local talent and other musical headliners always ensure a great time. This social event takes place the last weekend of July in the city of St. John’s. The Annual George Street Festival! Meet new friends and have a beer on the most famous little street in North America! The George Street Festival always ends on the Tuesday before The Regatta with a good ole Newfoundland Kitchen Party on the street. This festival attracts tourists and partiers from all over the country and has always been one of the musical highlights of St. John’s for years!

Blessed with seasons in Newfoundland Mother Nature has provided the most incredible backdrop for inspiration. I think this is why we are a spontaneous people and can fly by the seat of our pants. Most times we have to change plans very quickly as a result of a quick change in the weather. But most of all our weather while a hot topic of conversation can make for the most beautiful photographs. The first snow fall of the year is always so magical and gorgeous. The changing of the leaves in the fall of the year is so colourful and eye catching. Our rugged coastline and our incredible landscapes provide unbelievable inspiration. Gros Morne Mountain and our breathtaking hiking trails with our iceberg and whales have made photo headlines all over the world. Our rocky beaches and our sandy beaches call us to photograph those radiant sunsets. Even the fog creates a mystic backdrop for the perfect pic. All in all our even our nastiest weather with crashing waves and windy days create spectacular beauty in our province. After all if we had all one season and all sunshinie days then the photographs of our most lovely province would not be near as captivating and some would say even a little boring. Bravo Mother Nature for keeping us guessing and providing the most stunning backdrop for the perfect photographs!

Much love



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