La Manche

Hiking the East Coast Trail is simply spectacular. So many little nooks and crannies in this province that are breathtaking. Each little section of out rugged coastline is unique and has its own story. Riddled with history and tall tales LaManche Park is a lovely spot to visit. A nice little hike into the remnants of a very old village. A community in a small inlet surrounded by steep hills back in the day. We drove down the Southern Shore for about 45 minutes. We took the La Manche road exit. It’s a couple km past the La Manche Park entrance on the left and went right to the end of the road to the path entrance. The hike was about 1.4 km to the suspension bridge and was the perfect combination of leisurely and a light hike. There were plenty of children and dogs so it’s a good day trip with the fam. Make sure to take your water bottles and a few snacks for your hike. You will need them?

La Manche was a fishing village until the 1966 until the bridge was destroyed by a tsunami and the residents were forced to resettle to nearby communities The East Coast Trail Association erected the new bridge in 1999. Some of the remains of the houses are still there. It was interesting to see those remnants and to try to imagine what life may have been like back then. Very cool.

LaManche around 1900 (Not my photo)
Suspension bridge 1930( not my photo)

The temperature was perfect and there weren’t too many flies although I think it has a bad reputation for mosquitos. Lol. it is a very popular hiking destination in NFLD as it is simply stunning.

The suspension bridge
Suspension Bridge crossing!

Once we crossed the bridge we decided to continue on our hike to what is known as Doctors Cove. This was a lovely spot for a break and a little picnic. The views were honestly incredible. With waterfalls, swimming holes and the old foundations to the abandoned homes there was lots to explore. As promised there was a little cove with huge beach rocks that were washed smooth by the ocean and a beautiful view. We picked a rock. Took a seat and enjoyed the view.

The path to Doctors Cove
Takin a spell?

The perfect day trip to take to explore another part of this lovely province. Highly recommended ❤️

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