Arnold’s Cove -A story of resettlement!

Pretty little scenic fishing village. A lovely marina. The Bordeau Trail. A small town with lots of history and worth the stop if you are in the area.

Many homes were resettled from small islands in Placentia Bay. Tacks Beach, Merasheen, Woody Island, Kingwell and Harbour Buffet just to mention a few. Apparently 103 homes were resettled from 1966 to 1970. Arnold’s Cove has taken great pride is preserving the remaining homes. They are building their story and sharing it with the province. Each home has a story and they have placed a plaque in front of each home with the family home story. They call the project pictures in the streets. I took a few pictures.

Family names and the resettled islands
Little ole Salt Box?

The historic community was known back in the day as a fast growing community. Many of the homes were preserved but this particular one stood out. I wish we had gotten to see it inside. The Drake House. Donated by the family of a Frank Drake after his passing it now stands as the oldest home in Arnold’s Cove. Relocated from Haystack the interior of the home still has many of its original characteristics. I bet it is so beautiful! Some original furniture is still there. An old straw mattress and some other artifacts still remain in the building. In 2003 The Hertitage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador designated the home as a heritage structure. It is now a community museum.

Another cool thing the community has down is that they developed an app. It’s called “Stories of resettlement “ a walking tour. It is super cool. It works by GPS. You hover over the map to the selected home. A friendly voice tells the story of the house. Tales of resettlement and why their family floated their home across the bay all those years ago. No schools, no work and very few amenities forced the people of the islands to a new life. Very interesting and I think it’s a great way to tell their community story. Many streets are named after the islands that the homes came from. Check it out. It’s pretty awesome!

We stayed at The Killick Inn and Suites. The best location and view. Perfect place to unwind and take a breather on the isthmus Peninsula. One and two bedroom suites with full kitchens. Perfect for family travel. The owners are knowledgeable about the area and are very accommodating! We loved our stay. It felt like home.

Beauty ?

Don’t forget the nearby hiking! We took a jaunt along the Bordeaux Trail. Just beautiful. I think they should have called it The beach trail. So many perfect rocky beaches. Low to the trail. Easy accessible. Easy to do with elderly people,children and pets. So pretty. Beachcombing or just relaxing would be two great ways to spend a quite morning. Don’t forget the nearby Chance Cove hike as well. It’s located about 20 minutes east of Arnold’s Cove. I mean stunning views and scenery. With lots of history this is a hidden gem and should be on your NL bucket list for sure! I love this province!

A beach!
The view!
Boats at the marina!
Beautiful Chance Cove Beach Trail!

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